Care management

Comprehensive and detailed reporting for truly person-centred care

It is often the case with computerised care management systems that the software focuses on the task of producing care records in volume rather than on individual service users and their specific needs. The easyLog care management module fully supports the person-centred care principle and enables the supported living provider to reflect the full range of care recording and reporting needs within their organisation.

Every organisation and service user is an individual

easyLog’s care management software starts from two defining design principles – no two care organisations and no two service users are the same. From this approach, easyLog delivers a superbly flexible and comprehensive solution to the widest needs of the supported living provider across all care environments, including care planning, shift/carer notes, risk and health assessments, social care background/life story and a personnel database that includes training records, supervisions and induction requirements.

All of the major care documents are user definable, which enables an organisation to transfer existing documentation sets, content and structures into the software or develop new ones using the best elements of the current records combined with the many examples provided – all of which can be edited or removed.

At a glance…

  • Care plans can be in different formats for individuals or groups of service users within the same property or care environment

  • Comprehensive assessment tools and shift/visit note recording

  • Service user information can be viewed and updated on a PC, smartphone or tablet

  • Sensible pricing model costed per number of current service users

Different solutions for different ways of working

The software has alternative ways of accessing the data to reflect the different needs of managers and senior staff to carers on the care floor or in the community. An app allows support workers to record their care notes and access service user information – such as care plans, risk assessments and so on – on their smart phone or tablet in convenient locations around the property or in the community rather than returning to a PC. Additionally, our Carer App provides a simplified view of the carer records if the carer is more comfortable using a PC.

The software can accommodate different record sets per property or group of residents or individual service user, thus providing total flexibility across a unit with mixed care needs or a group of homes with individual specialisations. The appropriate documentation is displayed per service user whenever the record is accessed thereby aiding the carer in every aspect of recording and reviewing care information.