Rota management

Create rotas, calculate pay and invoice clients – without the headaches

The organisation of a staff schedule to cover the needs of service users in a supported living setting can be one of a provider’s largest administration headaches. Balancing the needs of staff and clients while ensuring that all care demands are covered is an onerous task. And, as if this wasn’t enough, you then need to compare the resulting rota against time sheets to produce an accurate payroll and invoicing schedule.

Create rotas easily around client and support workers’ needs

Designed and developed from a perspective of real-world involvement, easyLog’s staff scheduling module offers a flexible and comprehensive solution to whatever service user and employee parameters and individualities are presented to the supported living provider. Visit and rota information can then be presented to the carer and client by email or  smartphone app in a clear and relevant format to ensure up-to-date communication of both the complete rota and any inevitable changes.

Starting from the care package, these can be defined at different hourly rates per period of the day or week or at agreed charges per week or other period per service user or group of service users. Carers may be assigned to provide general care at a property or specific one-to-one care with an individual or multiple service users or be demand driven by self-funding clients. Invoices are then generated with the correct rates reflecting individual care or split between multiple service users sharing one or more support worker hours.

Staff pay and client invoicing worked out at the touch of a button

Employees can be automatically paid at different hourly or lump sum rates – such as in sleepovers – across a week or for working at different sites or with specific clients. Support workers can be defined by their availability, skills, location and client assignment to ensure that every rota produced accurately follows these parameters.

And of course, combined with the various employee attendance recording options easyLog offers, cross checking between an automatically produced timesheet and the on-line rota is reduced to a single screen highlighting only the discrepancies for authorisation. Agreement between the visit/shift times and the attendance record of the employee means that invoices are automatically generated to the client and paid at the correct rate to the employee

At a glance…

  • Charges can be defined by service user grouping or individually and by hour/minute/single sum, period (per week or per month, for instance) and funder

  • Carers can be assigned to work at a property and/or service user(s) within a property

  • Multiple service users can be assigned to one or more carers in a single shift, for example in a workshop or group session

  • Care visits can be defined by a regular contract on a daily, weekly or other period basis (every other week, for example) or be ad hoc, such as for a budget holder

  • Employee parameters include availability, contracted hours, repeating shift patterns (for example, alternate weekends off) and service users they can or cannot work with