Visit tracking options

Up to the second information about care workers’ movements

When support staff are working without supervision on their own or in small teams, it’s vital that managers know quickly if they are delayed so service users can be contacted and, if necessary, alternative arrangements made for their care. This means having a reliable attendance recording system that can alert management instantly to any issues as they arise.

Low-cost and dependable visit recording

We have a range of affordable apps for logging supported living care visits.  The apps run on the carer’s Apple, Android or Windows smartphone, enabling them to record their attendance at the service user’s property and on an ad-hoc basis – for example, when meeting the client elsewhere. Downloadable from the official app stores, the apps are simple to install and use. They can be used with QR codes or NFC tags, with GPS to confirm the location, or by GPS geolocation technology alone. Click here for at-a-glance guide to our attendance apps.

Alternatively, our landline-based Call-Log service allows support workers to record their attendance by calling a freephone 0800 number and confirming their identity with a PIN when they arrive and leave a location.

Versatile tablets, dedicated clocking terminals and biometric options

For a supported living property with small numbers of care staff, a low-cost wall or desk-mounted tablet is often ideal. Employees record their attendance by selecting their name from a dropdown list and then verifying their identity by PIN code. The same tablet could also be used to record and review care records, providing even greater value for money.

For larger numbers of staff, easyLog offers a range of purpose-built attendance recording terminals. These can identify staff by a traditional tag or card or through biometric facial recognition or fingerprint.

All our visit recording options can be mixed and matched across multiple sites within an organisation while passing the attendance records automatically to a single software application for improved management and efficiency.

Talk to one of our team to find the best solution for your way of working.