Budget care plan software for day centres

Day centre notes to suit every service provider and individual client

As a day centre owner or manager, you have to make your budget stretch a long way. But, just like any care organisation, you also need to maintain detailed notes and care plans on all your service users. easyLog’s specialist day care centre care plan software gives you all the record keeping options you’ll need – without blitzing your budget.

A tailored solution that won't break your budget

Our care software is supplied with specific day care templates appropriate to managing service users. As with all our software, these can be reconfigured to suit the working practices of each centre, as well as the specific requirements of individual clients. What’s more, price is linked specifically to day centre requirements and the number of service users, creating a cost effective offering whatever your size or type of service you provide.

Our day care centre software notes include care plan evaluations and risk assessments.

We also have optional tablet software so that care staff can quickly and easily log notes on the move.

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